Meet Our Team


Mayu Takeuchi

Mayu is a sophomore at Princeton University. Although she currently lives in Athens, Georgia, she was born in Japan and grew up on Long Island, New York. Mayu is currently an organization co-director. She also directs campus projects through the Princeton Student Climate Initiative and the Princeton Environmental Activism Coalition.


"I joined NJSCA because I want to help drive real, ethical policy change to combat the threats of climate change, and I credit this group with making climate policy and the environment one of my main academic focuses."

Aurora Yuan

Aurora is a rising senior at Princeton High School. She joined NJSCA in early 2019 after attending a local symposium, and saw NJSCA as a perfect opportunity to get more involved in climate advocacy. She currently serves as one of NJSCA’s co-directors. Outside of NJSCA, she works with several other youth climate organizations locally, statewide, and internationally.


"I am endlessly grateful for the wonderful people I get to work with here, and I'm always excited to meet more climate advocates and work with everyone!"


Frida Ruiz

Frida is a senior at Union County VoTech and is a member of the administration team. She wants to strengthen NJSCA's understanding and connection with local communities.

Ananya Rayapuraju

Ananya is a senior at Bridgewater Raritan Highschool. She is currently a co-director of NJSCA.


James Gao

James is a freshman at Duke University, originally from Basking Ridge, New Jersey. He joined NJSCA in April of 2019, when he was a junior at Ridge High School. He currently serves as one of NJSCA’s co-directors.

Ashwath Subramanian

Ashwath is a rising freshman at New York University, originally from Basking Ridge, New Jersey. In February of 2020, he joined NJSCA in an administrative capacity while attending Ridge High School. Serving as a liaison between teams and the administration, Ashwath is one of the organization’s co-directors.


"I joined NJSCA because I knew I had to do my part to help alleviate our planet’s climate crisis in light of increasing federal apathy toward the situation."


Yaw Asante

Yaw is a senior at Princeton University, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. He joined in January of 2019, and has since worked on the Labor Outreach and the State Legislative Outreach team. He currently serves as one of the NJSCA’s co-directors.

Alice Feng

Alice is a rising senior at Princeton High School. Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Alice moved to Princeton, New Jersey three years ago and joined the NJSCA in 2018. She currently serves as the lead for the NJSCA research team and co-director.


"I'm inspired to see a group of passionate students creating policies that will make a real difference, something I felt I couldn't do back in China."


Katie Sidebotham

Katie is a rising freshman at the Honors College of Rutgers University, originally from Randolph, New Jersey. She joined NJSCA in February 2019 while attending Randolph High School and has worked in Business Outreach and Political Strategy.


"I wholeheartedly believe that policy is the most effective way of creating positive change in our communities, and more importantly, combating the local effects of climate change. I hope to continue using different perspectives of presentation to bolster the climate movement."

Changyan Wang

Changyan is a current master’s student in computer science at Princeton University, originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania. He serves as the lead for the State Legislative outreach team.


"I am incredibly appreciative for all I've learned and all the friends I've made while working with NJSCA!"


Jens Calimag

Jens is a sophomore at Princeton University, originally from the Philippines and a current resident of Bergenfield, New Jersey. After joining NJSCA last May, he currently serves as the lead of the Political Strategy team while also being involved with the State Legislative and Website teams.


"I became involved in NJSCA after finding out that my high school had lead in their water fountains, which made the effects of pollution feel close to home."

Ahan Raina

Ahan is a freshman at the University of Chicago, originally from Montgomery, New Jersey. He joined NJSCA while at Montgomery High School, and has been involved closely with political strategy and labor outreach.


Charles Zhao

Charles is the Head of the Data Science Team. He is an upcoming senior in the computer science department at Princeton University.

"I'm grateful to have met so many wonderful people at NJSCA. We are developing an environmentally and economically sustainable future for New Jersey through careful discussion and research."

Saiyam Shah

Saiyam is the Head of the Activism Team. He is an upcoming junior at John P. Stevens High School.


“Enacting robust environmental legislation in the short window we have will be the defining issue of our time. Raising your voice and standing for a better future may be difficult, but the action is necessary! Joining the NJSCA has been the way I could express my views and shape them into a policy. Working on these initiatives have taught me essential lessons in communication, representation, critical thinking, analyzation, decision-making, diligence, and leadership.”


Kim Tran

Kim is a rising sophomore at Princeton University, originally from St. Louis, Missouri. She joined NJSCA last May at Princeton’s new students’ activities fair. Kim leads the Community Action team and is also involved with the Political Strategy, Environmental Justice, and Activism teams. She also participates in on-campus projects with the Princeton Student Climate Initiative.


"I joined NJSCA because of my interest in environmental policy and I want to do more equitable design/human-centered thinking, which I feel is often really lacking in existing policy in general."

Jonathan Lu

Jonathan is a 2019 graduate of Princeton University, originally from Fremont, California, who currently attends Stanford Medical School. A co-founder of the New Jersey Student Climate Advocates, Jonathan helped lead the organization from 2017-2019. He currently works with the Political Strategy team.

"I hope to pass effective climate policy that invests in New Jersey workers, businesses, and communities and makes New Jersey more resilient to the effects of climate change."


Shelley Zhao

Shelley is a 2018 Princeton University graduate, majoring in computer science. Originally from Philadelphia, she currently works in Denver as a business analyst. She conducts research for political strategy and serves as a carbon policy liaison for NJSCA. A lifelong environmentalist, she joined NJSCA after meeting co-founder Jonathan Lu at Princeton.

Joseph Abbate

Joe is a graduate student in physics at Princeton University. In 2019, he helped form the Political Strategy team and served as its lead; nowadays, he involved in different teams.


"I hope to develop the ability to thoughtfully listen to all perspectives and ideas as the NJSCA brainstorms and implements personal mindsets, technology, and public policy to reduce pollution while stimulating the economy."


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